Our business case

Our business is built according to classic industrial base. We provide:

  • Creation of a individually designed plant, consisting in the interaction of several well proven technologies with low environmental impact
  • A feasibility study for each plant in order to identify and organize the most efficient deployment and the most attractive economical design, according to customer needs and local conditions
  • Manufacture of end-products with high market value and demand
  • Sale of end-products to wholesale customers
  • Design a co-finance package depending on the geographical location of the desired plant and environmental standards to be met.

Different production lines 

The equipment for our plants is tested for a continuous work with the following types of raw materials, thereby creating a number of specific production lines:

·         Coal (including lignite) 

·         High-ash coal

·         Solid waste

·         Used tires

·         Industrial waste, including chemical and plastics

·         Sludge and oil waste

·         Municipal solid waste and hospital waste.

·         Peat and biomass, including wood, old wooden sleepers, animal manure, light and pulp and paper industry waste.

Pyrolysis process and products.jpg