Pyrolysis oil - liquid hydrocarbon fuel

Pyrolysis oil - liquid hydrocarbon fuel

Our plants generate oil of several qualities, depending on what is agreed on when designing the pyrolysis plant.

We can produce oil suitable as diesel for generators for energy production; and diesel of Euro 4-quality, Euro 5 and Euro 6-quality. As such it can be sold as diesel for trucks and gasoline for cars.

Oil is generally sold through different channels, including the oil industry with the most well developed sales channels globally.

There are also markets for process able oils that can be produced through distillation. Some of the oil can be used in the production of new rubber.

The heavy fraction can be used as industrial oil or as asphalt bitumen.


Finally, through a process, where oil is fractionated, different valuable chemicals are extracted from the pyrolysis oil. Through the refinement process, the extracted chemicals become a cost-effective way to gain both environmental and economical benefits. 

Pyrolysis oil can thereby also be sold as a component in the production of hydrocarbons and chemicals. 

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