Central heating
Note: Wholesale price heat of US$ 36 per Gcalh

Superheated steam or/and hot water, after quick cooling process from 1200° C to 120° C to minimize secondary formation of dioxins.
Note: US$ 150-200 per ton
Different types of metals are fractionated through the process of pyrolysis and refinement.
Synthesis gas
Note: US$ 100-300 per 1/m3
Syngas (from synthetic gas or synthesis gas) is the name given to a gas mixture that contains varying amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Examples of production methods include steam reforming of natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons to produce hydrogen, the gasification of coal.
Carbon Black
Note: 1 ton at US$ 120 to 420, depending on quality output

Carbon Black is a highly valuable product, generated by the incomplete combustion of heavy oil products.

Note: Electricity from US$ 38 per MWh, depending on the specific country

Power refers here to syngas - a combustible gas – to heat energy as superheated steam or hot water and to the generation of electricity.
Pyrolysis oil - liquid hydrocarbon fuel
Note: 1 liter from US$ 1

Our plants generate oil of several qualities, depending on what is agreed on when designing the pyrolysis plant. We can produce oil suitable as diesel for generators for energy production; and diesel of Euro 4-quality, Euro 5 and Euro 6-quality. As such it can be sold as diesel for trucks and gasoline for cars.