Technology Solutions

Our plants

All household waste is subject to processing. In this respect conventional municipal waste sorting schemes are no longer necessary as the preliminary grading and grinding used in our solution to separate the valuable components, fully do the job of waste sorting. 

Our plants for transforming waste into products will generally contain the following systems:

a) A system for controlling, sorting and grinding of domestic waste equipped with storage devices and presses (packers) for recycled raw materials

b) A technical unit for the reprocessing of mineral and other unclaimed parts of waste including a like RDF (refuse-derived) fuel production line

c) A system for thermal and chemical conversion of refuse-derived fuel into fuel gas and heat

d) A system for fuel gas purification and for conditioning the gas to work in a pistons electricity generator

e) A system of electricity generation based on gas pistons co-generators

f) A heat exchange system for preparing steam for steam turbine generators

g) A steam turbines system for generating electricity from heat generated by the plant

h) Advices about electrical substation connected to the external grid and consumers.

Alternative layout and estimates of your projected plant can be done by Syntes.