Brown Coal for Synthetic Liquid Fuel Production

Waste and brown coal can be used as primary feed stock in order to produce liquid synthetic fuel in an environmentally friendly, closed, carbon neutral, self-sustaining process through joint patented technology.


Synthetic fuels

Our world cannot exist without fuel, neither can our lifestyles and standards of living. Yet, conventional fuel sources are long past their peak. Countries around the world are still dependent of the need of a non-renewable resource with production methods and that harms the environment and destabilizes the global climate system.


Sulphur dioxide emissions from burning petroleum diesel causes acid rain harming marine life and forests. Inhaled sulphate particles enhances heart and lung disorders. Using biodiesel in diesel engines, instead of petroleum diesel, cuts down sulphate emissions drastically.

Researchers specializing in the field are considering a deduction off up to 100% emissions depends on the percentage of the Synthetic fuel used.

Waste is today burned by low temperature and generate large amount of new waste, ashes, CO2 etc. 

Today it is generally understood that incineration systems based on combustion grates does not offer new technological improvements.

However, today small local units can generate no new waste or CO2 but Synthetic fuel as a new product. Our primary focus is small to medium-scale, sustainable Waste and Coal-to-Liquid.


Benefits of Synthetic fuels

·         Meets the unprecedented demand for a clean and sustainable energy source

·         Energy fuel source that develops local economies and creates employment

·         Answers the calls to develop alternate fuel sources

·         Mass-market prospective with high earnings potential together with solutions from Syntes.