Our Mission & Vision

We provide economically attractive and highly innovative, technical solutions that convert waste into products with a high market value. We have a unique patented pyrolysis solution, which we are constantly developing using the newest technologies, in close collaboration with our partner organizations.

There is a growing need for new solutions for the disposal of waste, whether it is municipal solid waste, chemical waste, oil waste, worn-out tires or other types of waste. 13 million tires a year needs to be disposed worldwide. In many developing countries, the methods of combustion are creating toxic gasses and valuable raw materials are lost. This is a threat to our environment and a huge missed business opportunity for many cooperations.

Syntes is dedicated to improve opportunities for both small and large businesses, municipalities and investors who wish to take control of their own waste by reintegrating it into the cycles of both economy and raw materials, plus the gain of energy as electricity and/or heat. Our solution does not create new waste or residues. There is no pollution and a small plant takes up from a container to a smaller building. We will be able to deliver a Turn-Key plant for the pyrolysis and gasification of any type of solid waste and raw materials containing carbon.

Interest in sustainable solutions like our Tire-to-Oil project, is increasing across several continents. We have participated in the development and construction of pyrolysis plants in Spain and Finland. Currently, we are working on our most advanced plant up to now, with an even higher capacity (from 15 tons of waste material daily up to 45 tons daily) based in Egebjerg, Denmark.